Just because you cant see it here…. …does not mean that we don’t make it! As we make all instruments from scratch we can customise the instrument to your requirements As with the Guitar family, Mandolins come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and scale lengths. From carved “Gibson” style , or flat backed “Folk” mandolins and hybrids of both with celtic style instruments Oval Soundhole for maximum bass, F holes for the traditional look and (some would say) a instrument that “stands out better”. Tear drop, pear shaped or even guitar bodies ! Below is an outline of how we interpret this family of instruments …


Nearly always tuned GDAE and scale lengths of 13 ⅞” We have built A4s to F5s in Gibson styles with prices starting from £2200 for an A4 to an F5 starting from £3000. Celtic style instruments with a carved front and flat back from £1550 For the smaller budget a folk style flat back with an A frame braced front would start from £950 .. see here for an example Also happy to build cranked front instruments .. higher break angle at the bridge allows the strings to deliver more energy from £1000 .. see an example here
David Oddy & Son Luthiers Home of the ‘Oddy Mandocello’ Makers of Handmade Customised Acoustic Guitars & Mandolins
Remember because we make all our instruments from scratch we can customise any of our instruments to your requirements.

Mandola / Tenor Mandola

Usually tuned CGDA and scale length of  15 ⅞” Again many variations are  possible but we usually build these as a fully carved A4 style .. prices from £2400 See here for an example We have also made these at a longer 19 11/16” scale as flat back instruments available from £1200  

Octave Mandola / Bouzouki

Usually tuned GDAE and scale length of 23” But again the variation of instruments varies greatly as we venture into Cittern and Bouzouki territory ! See here for a flat back Octave Mandola with a tear drop shaped body. and here built with a guitar shape “O” sized body/ of course the Oddy Mandocello is technically a long scale length Octave Mandola
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