JJumbo .. and larger bodied Guitars For those of us who like the big sound of a jumbo we build with a body based on a Lowden O to a specific design request from Steve Knightley .. we refer to is as the Jumbo SK.  prices start from £2200   We are also finding that the M (OOOO) sized body is becoming popular and especially in its cut away varient.  Prices start from £2200.. £2350 with cutaway


We make guitars in all shapes and sizes from Martin O size all the way up to Lowden Jumbo style and classical to Weissenborn slide guitars. It does not matter what genre of music you play we can manufacture an acoustic guitar to match your needs. Whilst we  can build an instrument with only an outline guide from our clients, our aim  is to produce a top quality instrument that incorporates as many of your ideas as  practical. We have plans and design information for many guitar and mandoline styles but can  also create designs outside of the box for more ‘individual’ instrument ideas. Most of our guitars are based on Martin shape and styles .. why ? .. well simply  because Martin have been making guitars for a very long time and have got the design  right, and of course you all now what we are talking about when we say “triple 0” or  “D28” .. but if you don’t, no problem ! we can explain all the different sizes and sytles  without resorting to jargon…. mostly :-) Just because you cant see it here…. …does not mean that we don’t make it! As we make all instruments from scratch we can customise the instrument to your requirements.  

Tenor Guitar 

Our second best sellng instrument as played by Martyn Joseph and Show of Hands.

several styles possible, from standard flat fronted guitar to a curved fronted jazz style instrument ! David Oddy’s tenor guitar gave me a new insight and a new door into my songwriting. I found voicing’s that I would have struggled to find on a six string and textures that have inspired some of my most popular songs. Add to that the sheer beauty and quality of the craftsmanship and it has become an instrument that I greatly treasure. I take it all over the world and wouldn't dream of being on stage without it. I’m thrilled that Davids son Nick will continue to build upon his Fathers legacy and create these beautiful guitars that channel so much joy into the world. ' Martyn Joseph Prices start from £1800

Parlour Guitar ... and smaller bodied instruments

No, not just a ladies guitar ! This instrument with its long Newyorker style body easily competes with the OOO instruments. … admittedly with its narrow waste it does suit those of a smaller stature ! Prices start from £1900 We have also built smaller 6 string guitars based on O ( the same as the Tenor guitar) and OO sized bodies which produce a brighter and punchy little beast !
David Oddy & Son Luthiers Home of the ‘Oddy Mandocello’ Makers of Handmade Customised Acoustic Guitars & Mandolins
“It’s the instruments that write the songs” Steve Knightly of Show of Hands
Remember because we make all our instruments from scratch we can customise any of our instruments to your requirements.

OOO and 0M Guitars

So, whats the difference between the 000-12 (12 fret) and 000-14 (14 fret) The two main differences are. The body of the 12 fret is nearly an inch longer then the 14 fret which makes the length nearly the same as a Dreadnought and gives a marginal but noticeable increase in the bass and volume. The bridge is further down the body (towards the tail) and this suits some fingerstyle players who often play close to the bridge. The bridge is also more centred on the main part of the soundboard and gives the instrument a clearer tone, I liken this to hitting a drum either on the edge or the centre ! The 000-14 and 0M-14 have the same body, 14 frets but a different scale length…. So, What difference does the scale length make ? Using the same weight strings at the same tuning on the shorter scaled OOO the strings will be lower tension (looser). So, more sensitive to the touch, more bendable, but perhaps a bit less volume or punch ! Whilst the slightly longer scale length of the OM will have a greater volume and projection but you might say is slightly more ‘diffilcult’ to play with the higher tension strings. So in the simplest terms, a player who wants the greatest volume and projection might gravitate toward a longer scale instrument, while a player who wants the more delicate expressiveness of note bending might prefer a shorter scale instrument. Prices start from £1900 For more information about the 000-12 click here For more information on the 14 fret 000 & OM click here
Cuatro & Ukulele A Venezuelan Cuatro of our standard design as played by Steve Knightly and Phil Beer from Show of Hands Click here to hear Phil playing the cuatro   These are not “toy guitars” as they are as complicated to build as a fan fret spanish style guitar and have a tone and volume to match in spite of the diminutive size.  Available in two models as a studio or a slightly bigger concert version Prices start from £950 for the studio and £1100 for the concert model  Quality built Ukuleles not Chinese plastic coated imports … from Soprano to Baritone  .. contact us with you requirements.


Often refered to as the “Buskers Guitar” which is a little unfair as it is a very versatile instrument that can be used in many playing styles and genres. A big bodied instrument loved by rhythm players but can still deliver with some delicate fingerstyle playing. ... but if street performance is your thing then these instruments can deliver loads of “punch” and will make your presence known ! Prices start from £1950