“Ive played many hand-made instruments over the years, and David and Nick's combination of construction and high quality materials is among the best in the business. There's also nothing that can touch their cello-mandolin in terms of unique sound, depth and songwriting inspiration!"  Ian Cleverdon of The Huers

Nicholas Oddy

Nick is based in the Newton Abbot workshop and made his first guitar and mandocello with his dad over 20 years ago. Having the many years of Davids experience to guide his hands, Nick has quickly built on his existing abilities to raise his skill levels to the creation and repair of quality instruments worthy of Davids legacy and carrying the business forward.  .. of course still has a way to go to 800+ builds that David completed in his lifetime !

David Oddy


David made instruments for over 40 years and has totaled well over 800 instruments.  The first was a repair to the neck of a guitar which Nick had dropped whilst at guitar lessons at the Exeter YMCA. David said that when he started making instruments there were only two books on the subject and that he has had to work it all out for himself…he did have the added incentive that 30 years earlier his father had tried to make a guitar and had failed.  Something to prove ! Following David’s death in 2017 we received tributes from all over the world, if you would like to see some please go to our tribute page.

Sarah Oddy


Nick’s wife, I get to do all the admin ! Your first point of contact whether it’s for a build, repair or purchasing strings etc. Sarah has recently started customising straps for more information please go to our strap page.

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Remember because we make all our instruments from scratch we can customise any of our instruments to your requirements.