“Ive played many hand-made instruments over the years, and David and Nick's combination of construction and high quality materials is among the best in the business. There's also nothing that can touch their cello-mandolin in terms of unique sound, depth and songwriting inspiration!"  Ian Cleverdon of The Huers


David Oddy & Son Luthiers Home of the ‘Oddy Mandocello’ Makers of Handmade Customised Acoustic Guitars & Mandolins
Remember because we make all our instruments from scratch we can customise any of our instruments to your requirements.
“It’s the instruments that write the songs” Steve Knightly of Show of Hands
We are a small family business working in the  Westcountry and have over 40 years experience in creating and repairing top quality guitars and mandolins to our clients specifications. Having made instruments for many years we are uniquely experinced in repairing the Oddy Mandcello and other stringed instruments. We can repair all make and styles of guitar, mandolins and most other stringed instruments - not just the ones we have built. We will happily undertake all levels of repair from simple work such as setting up action,refrets or replacing a pickup, to complete rebuilds and restoration…have you heard the about the 12 string guitar which had had a Landrover land on … we managed to repair it! Click here to contact us